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Vaccinating Your Pets

The best way to prevent pet illness is with vaccines!

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), vaccinations protect your pet from highly contagious and potentially deadly diseases. They also help improve your pet’s overall quality of life. Within the last century, the widespread use of vaccinations has prevented death and disease in millions of animals.

There are many different vaccinations out there for both cats and dogs. However, your pet will not receive every single one of them. The vaccines they receive are determined by what is required of them and their risk of exposure to certain diseases. The frequency of vaccinations is determined by how often the vaccine is needed to maintain immunity to that disease.

There are two categories of vaccinations: core and non-core.

Core vaccinations are essential vaccines for every pet disease that results in death in puppies and kittens and serious illness or death in adult dogs and cats.

Non-core vaccinations are vaccines that are determined by your pet’s lifestyle and location. The necessity of these vaccinations is determined by your vet based on your pet’s annual exam and the recorded diseases in your area.

The Hungry Puppy Wellness Clinic offers low-cost vaccinations for both cats and dogs.

Available vaccines include:
– Rabies
– DA2PP and FVRCP (Distemper Combo Vaccine)
– Leptospirosis
– Lyme
– Bordetella
– Influenza
– Feline Leukemia

To schedule an appointment at The Hungry Puppy Wellness Clinic, you may call the store at 732-938-4470 ext. 103, email, schedule an appointment through our app “The Hungry Puppy,” or schedule an appointment on our website.
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