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Paw Thaw Pet Friendly Ice Melter


Winter means cold… Cold means ice… Ice means frozen paws!

Paw Thaw is an ice melter that’s safe, biodegradable, and pet-friendly. What more could you ask for?!


Traditional ice melter contains calcium chloride which creates heat and has the potential to cause pain to your pet’s paws. Rock salt ice melter has a high pH level which dries out pets’ paws and causes them to crack. These ice melters also have adverse effects on grass and vegetation. Paw Thaw, on the other hand, contains calcium magnesium acetate which is biodegradable and much less harmful to grass, trees, and other vegetation. It also contains pH stabilizers which keeps the pH level from getting too high and creating a lot of heat.

Paw Thaw has a fast-acting and a time released formula which creates a very effective ice melter. The deicing blend components break the bond between the ice and the surface and initiates deicing and melting. The time released formula stays on the surface longer, making it more effective.

The non-tracking formula does not harm carpets or floors, it will not damage footwear, and there is no residue or clean up needed. It is also a non-corrosive ice melter – it will not damage the surface it is applied to. Instead, it creates a protective coating on the surface.

For people with pets that are going to be dealing with snow and ice, Paw Thaw is one of the best options.

Available in a 12 lb. jug or a 25 lb. bag

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