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Dental hygiene is an important factor in your dog’s overall health and wellness. Maintaining dental hygiene will prevent problems like plaque and tartar build up, which can lead to gingivitis as well as other health problems.

Plaque and tartar are very common problems in dogs. Bacteria attaches to the teeth which leads to plaque. The plaque builds up and hardens, which is then referred to as tartar. This build up of plaque and tartar leads to bad breath and other

While daily dental care is ideal, most pet parents cannot keep up with brushing a dog’s teeth every day. But there are alternatives to the traditional toothbrush and toothpaste routine. One product in particular, OraVet, is a daily dental chew that helps maintain clean teeth and a healthy mouth.

OraVet is a daily dental hygiene chew that features dual cleaning action – it cleans and protects.

The chewing action of OraVet loosens and dislodges plaque to help it break away from the teeth. OraVet then helps create a barrier on the teeth that helps protect against the bacteria that leads to plaque and tartar, resulting in fresher breath and a cleaner mouth.

OraVet is the first of its kind that features the ingredient Delmopinol. Delmopinol works to create a protective barrier that blocks bacteria from clinging to the teeth, which then prevents the formation of plaque and tartar build up.

There are four sizes of OraVet available to meet the needs of different sized dogs.oravet

  • 3.5-9 lbs.
  • 10-24 lbs.
  • 25-50 lbs.
  • 50+ lbs.

Choosing the right size for your dog ensures that the product will work to its full potential.

OraVet dental hygiene chews are now available at The Hungry Puppy.

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