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N-Bone Quado

The N-Bone Quadoquados

Interactive Dog Treat

The N-Bone Quado is an interactive dog treat. Its unique design has four legs, making it easy for your dog to hold, chew, and play.

The Quado comes with a few benefits for your four legged friend. It provides dental benefits – helping to remove plaque and tartar, while also freshening breath. It also provide behavioral benefits. The Quado helps reduce destructive chewing. By providing your dog with something they’re allowed to chew, and will enjoy chewing, they are much more likely to stay out of trouble.

100 % Natural and Edible – no plastic, nylon, or rubber.

100% Wheat, corn, and soy free.

The Quado is currently available in three flavors: mint, peanut, and pumpkin

Three sizes available to meet the need of all dogs




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