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Jack & Pup Dog Treats

“Dogs bring out the good in us. Jack & Pup brings out the good in them.”

Jack & Pup was inspired and created by a boy named Jack and his Jack Russell terrier named Pup. Jack wanted to create high quality, healthy treats for dogs.

Single-ingredient pet treats made from the highest quality sourced ingredients.

Bully Sticks
Available in 6” 5 packs or 12” 3 packs
Naturally Odor Free & Fresh – multi-step process of boiling, roasting, smoking, and drying locks in the natural beef flavor while naturally eliminating odors. They stay fresher longer without any added preservatives.

Rib Bones
Available in 5 packs
Slowly roasted and naturally smoked for a rich, meaty flavor
Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals
No preservatives or chemicals

Joint Health
Available in Chips – 2.9 oz. bags, Sticks – 15 packs
Naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin
Promotes ligament and tendon health
Helps prevent cartilage wear and tear
Savory and flavorful

Pig Ears
Available in 15 count bags
Low calorie
Long lasting

High protein, low fat
100% digestible

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