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Happy & Healthy Holiday Safety Tips

There’s no place like home for the holidays… Especially when your home is nice and safe for your pets!


The holidays are a fun time to get together with loved ones and celebrate. There’s pretty decorations, tasty food, and holiday cheer. To make sure you (and your pets) get the most out of this holiday season, check out the following safety tips:

1. Holiday Plants
Did you know that poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe are all potentially poisonous to cats and dogs? According to PetMD, it’s best to keep these plants out of reach of your furry friends. Keep in mind that the dried plants are also potentially poisonous, so be sure to keep an eye on if anything falls on the ground.

2. Decorations

The holiday season is nothing without decorations! Some people make nights out of driving around and looking at people’s decorations. When decorating inside of your home, it’s important to keep in mind that some decorations have the potential to be dangerous.
Lights – everyone loves Christmas lights but be careful where you leave the wires. Wires have the potential to create an electrical shock hazard if they’re chewed on by pets.
Ornaments – Be cautious about where you put ornaments on your tree and what type of ornaments they are. Any ornaments on the bottom of your tree have the potential of being knocked off. If small, these ornaments can be eaten. If made of glass, these ornaments can break and potentially injure your pets.
Tinsel – not only does tinsel catch our eyes, but it also catches the eyes of our cats. Tinsel is fun to play with and swat but if it ends up on the floor and gets eaten, it can cause problems like intestinal blockages.

3. O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree
Be sure to secure your Christmas tree. It’s best to place your tree in an area that is not accessible to pets. But if it is in an area where your pets can get to it, be sure to tie it down or weigh it down to prevent it from tipping or falling over.

4. Holidays Treats
The holidays are known for tasty chocolates and other sweet treats. While these are great to share with our friends and family, it’s best to keep them away from our pets. Chocolate and other common ingredients in these foods can cause digestive upsets and other stomach problems in animals.

5. House Guests
If you’re hosting the holidays at your house this year, be mindful about the excitement this could cause your pets. Some pets will get overwhelmed by big groups of people or having new people inside of their home. If this is the case for your animals, keep a designated area in your home just for them. Put their favorite bed or some toys in a room that won’t be occupied by house guests. Giving them their own space to retreat to can help them relax.

6. Be careful of open doors

A lot of guests means the door will be opening and closing all night. To ensure no one slips out through all the commotion, keep pets away from doors. It could also be helpful to tell your guests about your pets and to just be mindful when coming into the house.

7. Candles
Keep candles out of reach of your pets. You want to avoid your pet burning themselves or knocking the candle over and starting a fire.

8. New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an exciting (and loud) day. The best and last celebration of the year! Noise makers and fireworks are fun, but the loud noises can scare pets. The can also potentially damage the ears of pets, if loud enough or close enough.

Now that we’ve gone over some helpful holiday safety tips, get out there and enjoy the holidays!

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Hungry Puppy


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