The Full Tummy Program

The Full Tummy Program is The Hungry Puppy’s initiative to help feed and care for shelter pets that have yet to find a home. The Full Tummy Program will be implemented and benefit specifically those animals in the Associated Humane Society (AHS) in Tinton Falls located on Shafto Road. The Tinton Falls location is one of four Associated Humane Society facilities in New Jersey, and it serves the largest number of municipalities.

The Associated Humane Societies is the largest animal sheltering system in New Jersey. The Associated Humane Society is a not for profit that prides itself on their devotion to the thousands of animals that they care for annually. Between their four facilities, they take care of thousands of animals that are currently waiting for their forever homes.

Through the Full Tummy Program, The Hungry Puppy, along with some of our manufacturing partners, will be working to garner support from our customer base to help provide assistance to those pets that have yet to find a home. Our customers will have the opportunity to become a part of the Full Tummy Program by making a donation. Their financial support will help feed and care for these pets. The donations that we receive will be used to purchase pet food and supplies for the facility.

Any customer that wishes to donate to the cause will receive a donation paw in which they will write their name. These paws will be displayed around the store. Customers can choose between a $1, $5, $10, $20, and $50 donation paw, or if they wish they can donate another desired amount.

If a customer so desires, they can choose to set up a recurring donation. On a monthly basis, their donation will be automatically made in their name to the Associate Humane Society. There is a $5 minimum for recurring donations. Customers that choose to set up a recurring donation will be offered an ongoing 10% off on all non-food and non-sale items.

The Associate Humane Society will use the donations to purchase pet food and supplies for their facility. After the donations begin to accumulate, the AHS will place an order for whatever food and supplies they need at the time. Our delivery manager will schedule a delivery for that day and the product will be delivered right to their door.

In order to keep track of the success of the Full Tummy Program, we will have a thermometer in the store that will gauge our progress and display how much we have raised so far. This thermometer will be updated weekly to keep our customers in the loop of how their contributions are adding up.

It is our hope that this program will help us come together, with the help of our customers, to support the Associated Humane Society and all that they do in caring for these animals. Any donation is accepted and appreciated, and we can’t wait to fill some tummies.

Feeding shelter animals, one paw at a time!

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