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Acupuncture for Pets

According to Live Science, acupuncture is a medical practice that uses thin needles to penetrate the skin which helps stimulate certain points in the body, alleviating pain or helping to treat various health conditions. It is a key component in Chinese medicine and has been practiced on humans for thousands of years.

The use of acupuncture for pets has become more common in recent years because its value and benefits are more known. Acupuncture isn’t just used as a pain reliever, it is also used to help treat a variety of conditions.
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Tis the Season to Feed ‘Em

According to Droll Yankees, “Feeding wild birds is one of the best ways to impact the world around you. The simple act of putting out a bird feeder and keeping it full can greatly improve the chances that birds and their offspring will survive. Many believe that birds only benefit from feeders during certain times of the year. However, birds actually have a year-round need for reliable, steady food sources.”

Many people find feeding wild birds to be a hobby. They love seeing their winged friends visit their yard. But when you put it into perspective that it actually benefits the birds and the world we live in, it makes it extra special. Continue reading Tis the Season to Feed ‘Em
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100% Guarantee Policy

Sometimes, things happen…

Maybe your dog developed an allergy or a medical condition, or maybe they just got tired of their food. Whatever the case, we understand.

At The Hungry Puppy, all of our food is guaranteed. Our “Empty Bag Guarantee” means that you can return a bag of dog food if it’s not right for your pet – even if the bag is empty. We guarantee all of our food because we want to ensure that your pet will do well on the food but also enjoy it. At any stage of a bag of food you may return it if you feel it is not working for your pet or they are simply not enjoying it.

If you (or your pet) are not satisfied with the food, bring it back, and we will gladly help you find the best food to try next. Our goal is to help you find the right food for your pet. With your pet’s health in mind, we’d much rather find the right food for them instead of having you feed them non-pet or people food.

Our customers and their pets are our number one priority and we want the best for them. Our mission is simple – to turn hungry into happy and healthy.