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Burn Baby Burn – Preventing Lawn Burns from Urine

If you have a dog and you have a lawn, chances are you have experienced a lawn with brown, burnt, or dead patches. These spots are due to – you guessed it – dog urine. No one wants their lawn to look like this. But in order to fix the problem we must first understand it.

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Free Delivery and Automatic Deliveries

Free Local Delivery!

At The Hungry Puppy, we offer free local delivery to our customers, and we have for the past 30 years! Haven’t heard about it? Check it out!

Here’s the gist – our delivery men are on the road Tuesday through Friday delivering quality pet products to homes, farms, offices, and businesses. Call in your order the night before your delivery day and you’re all set! Meet one of our delivery minimums and there is no delivery charge! Our deliveries are not limited to just food – anything we sell in store is eligible for delivery! Pet food, supplies, and more delivered right to your door. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Oh wait… It does! What you may not know is that we also offer automatic delivery. On an automatic delivery schedule, you’ll never run out of food again! You set up your automatic delivery once and we take care of the rest. All you need to do it tell us what you need and how often you need it. Does Sparky need a bag of dog food every 6 weeks? No problem! We’ll bring it out to you every six weeks to ensure that Sparky’s food container never goes empty. If you come across a week where you need additional treats or biscuits, no worries. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll make the proper adjustments. Let us help you make life just a little bit easier – set up for automatic delivery today!

To schedule a one time delivery or to set up for automatic deliveries, just call our store at 732-938-4470 or email us at

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Wellness Exam


The Hungry Puppy Wellness Clinic


An Affordable Solution to Your Pet’s Wellness Needs



Wellness Exams only $40!

What is a wellness exam and why is it important?
A wellness exam is a routine exam performed on a healthy pet. This may also be referred to as a “check-up.”

Check-ups are important for pets because they’re a good way to make sure your pet is healthy and up-to-date on their vaccines. It is also a good way to detect any health problems. Preventative care allows for early detection of problems and treating these problems before they become serious.

During a check-up, your vet may also suggest a specific wellness program or routine for your pet based on their breed, age, lifestyle, or overall health.

What is included in the regular wellness exam?
A wellness exam at The Hungry Puppy Wellness Clinic includes:

  • Checking eyes, ears, teeth, coat, and paws
  • Listening to the heart and lungs
  • Weighing the pet
  • Anal gland expression (if needed)
  • Nail clipping

You may schedule a wellness exam at The Hungry Puppy Wellness Clinic by calling 800-815-4316 ext. 103