10 Week Turnaround

Reach the Perfect Weight in just 10 weeks

Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight has been formulated for both cats and dogs to help them meet their ideal weight. Overweight pets can experience health issues. To ensure they’re living their best life, take the 10 Week Turnaround challenge with Science Diet. 70% of pets that participated reached their goal weight within 10 weeks.

Perfect Weight comes in both dry and wet formulas for cats and dogs. To begin the Perfect Weight challenge, you want to introduce and transition to the Perfect Weight food. The complete transition process takes about a week. For the first couple of days mix 25% of Perfect Weight with 75% of the old food. The next couple days you want to mix 50% of the new and 50% of the old. In the next couple days, combine 75% of the Perfect Weight with 25% of the old food. Finally, by the end of the week, your pet will be fully transitioned to Perfect Weight. Now the challenge really begins!

In the next 9 weeks, take notice to any changes with your pet. Do they look slimmer? Do they have more energy? Are they acting any different, maybe happier? These are the changes you’ll begin to see. Along with feeding Perfect Weight, it is important to keep up with your pet’s usual exercise routine. Exercise is an important part of the weight loss challenge in addition to the food.

At the end of each week, track your pet’s weight. This will help you see how effective the challenge has been in reaching their goal weight. At the end of week 10, you will definitely notice changes with your pet. Congratulations! You’ve completed the Perfect Weight 10 week challenge.

The 10 Week Turnaround helps create more happier and healthier pets.


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